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I can't believe I just made an account on a New York Knicks forum but after witnessing Douglas play for 3 years at my school I have to tell you guys you have a PLAYER. I have looked up and down the threads on these forums and it doesn't seem like he gets much respect around here at all, probably because he's not that "big name" player. I'm glad he's proving people wrong. He wasn't a huge name coming out of the draft because FSU is not known to be a basketball school but you guys have a STEAL. I don't have access to games, but after looking at the box score it looks as if Toney is learning how to distribute the ball, which is SCARY (for other teams) if he has added this to his repertoire. The kid can score, play GREAT defense, handle the ball, and is now learning how to distribute the ball, what else could you possible want out of a player? I'm glad he's finally proving all you Knicks fans wrong, you are very seriously lucky to have him. SO START SHOWING THE ROOKIE SOME RESPECT!
I guess u are finding out now, how much LUV "TD" has picked up in this forum since his outstanding performance in the Knicks Summer League Games, he showed consistently all the tools to be a NBA PG (backup in his rookie season). Although, this forum have 100's of new members (like yourself) come in and comment on Knick players it still dont change the forum opinion of a player.

If it was up to this forum "TD" would've been averaging 24 minutes per game in his rookie season. It's just that we have the worst headcoach in Knick history running things (Celebrity Coach Damntoni)....Toney Douglas NBA growth was suppose to expand tremendously throughout his rookie season playing alongside of Duhon, Nate, and Hughes in the backcourt as a NBA combo-guard.