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Anyways great game, finally held a team under 90. And S-Rod hasn't been getting it done lately, hopefully he steps his game up. I hope he works on his shot this offseason, that would help him a lot. And great game by Toney D!
S-Rod is not able to get steady playingtime on any of the teams he been on b/c of so many deficiency, poor teammate comunication, poor passing ability, poor scoring, and poor defense. All these deficiency is why S-Rod NBA career has been a 12 mpg PG (a project that need special help from his coach and SG).
Duhon is 50 times better.
Douglas is 75 times better.

Gallo finally hit a 3-ball with less than 2 minutes in the game.... DAMN! about time. It took 66 games and over 2200 minutes to get up the confidence to drain the 3-ball at crunch-time.
It make me think, Gallo had a long conversation with Dirk after the Mavs game. Seconds before he took the shot I seen the confidence in his movement and added the 3 points before the ball left his hands.