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    Originally Posted by knickzrulezH20
    Anyways great game, finally held a team under 90. And S-Rod hasn't been getting it done lately, hopefully he steps his game up. I hope he works on his shot this offseason, that would help him a lot. And great game by Toney D!
    S-Rod is not able to get steady playingtime on any of the teams he been on b/c of so many deficiency, poor teammate comunication, poor passing ability, poor scoring, and poor defense. All these deficiency is why S-Rod NBA career has been a 12 mpg PG (a project that need special help from his coach and SG).
    Duhon is 50 times better.
    Douglas is 75 times better.

    Gallo finally hit a 3-ball with less than 2 minutes in the game.... DAMN! about time. It took 66 games and over 2200 minutes to get up the confidence to drain the 3-ball at crunch-time.
    It make me think, Gallo had a long conversation with Dirk after the Mavs game. Seconds before he took the shot I seen the confidence in his movement and added the 3 points before the ball left his hands.

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    Originally Posted by Toons
    good game, we won it with defense. i like this lineup.
    Defense is being down by 16 rebounds and getting manhandled by Dalembert? If Gallo and (surprisingly) McGrady didn't have the hot hands or Douglas didn't have those minutes, this could have just as easily gone Philly's way.

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