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    Default What will happen on July 1?

    Does a team of Donnie, D'Antoni, the Dolans, maybe Gallinari as the young signed player, and perhaps some surprises like Walt Frazier and, what the heck, maybe Donald Freaking Trump (Invited by the Dolans to speak on the greatness of living in New York City to become a billionaire?) show up at LeBron James' house with an outline of what the next 5 years could be like.

    A breakdown of NYC.
    A breakdown of the cap space.
    A breakdown of the roster.
    A breakdown of the possibilities.

    Will they ask him who they should use the rest of the cap space on?

    Or will they tell him how they are planning to spend it?

    What exactly do we envision happening 108 days from now?

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    I Think that they will bring the truck of money to LeBron's house and he will act like he is not home till they go away.

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    Originally Posted by redbomber
    I Think that they will bring the truck of money to LeBron's house and he will act like he is not home till they go away.
    LOL nice!!!!!!!

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    On July 1st....stop!
    Somehow I see alot of team-owners participating in this 2010 offseason by spending alot of money in trades and FA.

    So look at the top-10 teams in the Eastern and Western Conference (20 teams) at the end of this season to make some crazy moves at improving their teams.

    It's bad for us Knick-Fans b/c we keep letting Knick management and coach convince us that it is our players fault for the decade of loses.
    Which is a LIE....there was no reason to trade Camby and our draft pick Nene to Denver for a nonplaying Mcdyess. Especially when Camby, K-Thomas, Spree, and Houston were Jellin so well.

    The Knicks been needing a communicating headcoach with a well rounded coaching-staff to develope a 10 man rotation out of 15 players.
    We been needing this since we hired HOF Lenny Wilkins who was to old for all the hassel of a NBA headcoach.
    We hav'nt had one decent headcoach since Isiah fired Don Chaney.
    Larry Brown took the money but refuse to coach.

    I recall PG-Van Exel, SG-Kobe, SF-Eddie Johnson, and C-Shaq all on the Laker roster being made All-Stars....but unable to get past the 1st and 2nd round of the playoffs....until the hiring of headcoach Phil Jackson.

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    LeBron or nothing!!

    Can't wait!!!
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