Well, why not lets make another thread. This one has some draft insight though.

Next year we have coming back
Gallo, Wilson Chan, Tony Douglas, Eddy Mcflurry, Bill "Sky" walker, JR Giddens and I doubt we pick up sergios option(lets say we dont).

Before our big FA summer we have two second round picks in the 2010 draft.
These are two realistic players who I would love to get, I think they could be great steals.
1. Jarvis Varnado-C-Miss st: A big defensive center, I think that is what we need most, a shot blocker/rebounder. Can finish when asked but he knows it wont be his job to score. WIll be a project because he is very slim, but definitly potential is there.

2. This is where we can have fun. I do believe Tony D is our Pg, two players who can be like him, or can play off ball great (ASSUMING WE GET KING JAMES) is SCOTTIE REYNOLDS-NOVA OR JEROME DYSON-UCONN. Reynolds has a little bit of a pg feel to him and is a great off ball player, dyson is a better defender and more athletic. Both are great shooters. They could be great backup PG's and esp play off lebron. Scottie Reynolds has dominated the Big east all 4 years he has been at nova. Lets say we draft Scottie Reynolds.

Free Agents:
1. Lebron James-Say what you want if hes coming here, if he stays in Cleveland than be my guest, if thats how he wants to go down in history okkk buddy.

I think Donnie goes for 2 players vs another max.
D lee at 9 mill a yr and MARCUS CAMBY!!-yes the return of the big man for 7 mill a year. we have now 4-5 mill leftover you save that + Eddys 13 mill and we target one other stud next summer.

PG: Tony Douglas, Scottie Reyonolds
SG:Wilson Chandler, Bill Walker
PF: David Lee, Eddy Curry
C: Marcus Camby, Jarvis Varnado

2011-Use the extra 18 mill to make a run at any of the FA's from 2010 who pick up their player option for this next yr, or make a run at someone liek greg oden the revivial? but not bad I'd say.