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Ah I have to go with Manu Ginoboli. The way hes been playing I have to give him the edge...plus Celtics blow



Billups...he plays defense

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Nash. Great to watch.

Bogut or Bynum?
Bynum...hes still only 22 and has more potential.

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AHH Bogut is a nice solid scoring center but I am going to go with Bynum. More potential.



Jennings is a starter on a playoff team that plays good defense but Curry has been puttin up better numbers...Didnt Jennings outplay Derin williams the other night?

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I'll take Bogut, sometimes Byrum looks completely lost out there.
andd I'll take Curry.

Prime Jason Kidd or Prime Steve Nash?
Prime Kidd, better defender and rebounder.

Dwayne Wade or Kevin Durrant?