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Zach Randolph but to be in my team David Lee

Tracy Mcgrady


Vince Carter

Raptor days
I think Randolph is a slightly better version of Lee, more versatile on offense and a little bit better at rebounding. Both of them are useless on defense

I would go with Vince Carter from the Raptors days but TMac at his best might have been better then Vince at his best, I think he was a more versatile player with a higher IQ. I dont wanna take anything away from Vince though, he had some incredible years in Toronto. I remember a playoff series with the Raptors vs 76ers, Vince and AI were both beastin but Iverson managed to carry his team to the Finals that year (I think). Both of them earned my respect forever with the way they played.

Prime Patrick Ewing or Dwight Howard