My buddy Al texted me the other day -

"I understand they're different players but who would you take, Alonzo Mourning or Allen Iverson in their prime"?

I said AI, my friend said Zo.

AI was just unstoppable offensively, man. Remember when he shook MJ out high that one time in Philly and J-ed in his face? Sick...I mean that was Jordan defending him!!! Almost snapped his ankles...Plus he took that mediocre 76ers team to the Finals, I think the same yr (could be wrong)..Think AI won the MVP that same yr too, averaging over 30 a game if I remember right...I liked Zo, not trying to take anything away from him, he played hard and was good. Just not on AI's level imo.. Ewing used to take Zo to school, even well past his prime. Plus Zo wasn't even a true 7-footer..What was he, 6'10"? Zo went to the Finals in '06 but he wasn't a primary component like AI was for his team -- he was a backup center at that point, behind Shaq.. Apples & oranges right there...In his prime, Zo played on arguably more talented teams over a longer stretch than AI (with Charlotte & Miami), still never got to a Finals in his prime.

Anyone feeling me on this or am I wrong?