But for a clue as to how Granger views the big picture, take note of his responses in a recent HoopsHype interview. Asked whether he thought LeBron James would re-sign with Cleveland this summer or leave, Granger said, "If I was LeBron, I'd go to New York."

And why?

"New York is the media mecca as far as endorsements and being able to expand your personal net worth," Granger said. "The exposure you can get there isn't only nationally but globally. New York does all that for you."

Did another potential superstar just join the 2010 orbit with that statement? Only if the Pacers pursued the unlikely approach of trading their best player as part of yet another attempt at rebuilding. But remember that Walsh drafted Granger, remember how much he loves tall, long shooters and recognize how unpredictable free-agent movement is going to be come July 1.

If the Knicks struck out on LeBron and had to settle for Joe Johnson, would Walsh then shift gears, find a way to massage David Lee's $11 million cap hold into the equation by retaining his Bird rights, and pursue a trade for someone of Granger's stature -- perhaps even dangling Lee as the bait? Exploring contingency plans has always been one of Walsh's strengths.

While there have been no conversations to date about Granger, a person familiar with both teams' situations wouldn't dismiss it as a possibility. Given his comments about the benefits of playing in New York, Granger clearly wouldn't dismiss it, either.

"Everybody is up for being moved, especially the way this situation has gone," Granger said.

In the meantime, Granger has nothing to do but find his way to the finish line of another abysmal season in Indiana, pursuing the futile goal of refining and improving his game on a team going nowhere.

"Winning is the ultimate measurement of everything," Granger said. "This year we just haven't been doing it."

Some things never change.

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Interesting. How would everyone feel about Danny Granger as the 2nd option? Sign a max contract player and sign-and-trade Lee for Granger. Bosh and Granger sounds pretty good. We would have to trade Chandler (Rubio?).