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Thread: War of words

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    Default War of words

    Marc Bermans article in Todays Post.

    Your thoughts?

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    Hill struck the first blow. When he started getting minutes down in Houston they asked him about playing in NY, he said he was a pick and roll guy in NY and the offense didn't have a lot of plays unlike Houston where there were a lot of options. Pretty damning commentary about the Knicks and it's coaching staff.

    This is the latest with D'Ants that makes me question his coaching staff and his coaching in general. Hill goes to Houston and within a week they have him playing because he is one of the few guys they have that can play above the rim and block shots. And his game has gotten better since he's been in Houston, either because he's getting some coaching or because of the increased minutes. His footwork is better, he's more aggressive attacking the rim instead of hanging out on the perimeter and is playing more like an athletic big should.

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    If Don Nelson hadn't stole Stephen Curry from the Knicks in last year's draft, this war of words wouldn't be taking place right now.

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    Hill sucks, There are no bigs comparable to David Lee and Harrington in terms of offensive prowess on the rockets since they gave up landry; therefore, Hill is obviously going to look better in a rockets jersey. Nevertheless, he is only averaging 6.5 ppg and 5.0 rebounds and only half a block since going to the rockets, so I am still confused as to how amazing he has been playing since he left NY. Those numbers are no where near worthy of lottery status. I think Mike D hit it on the head here "I dont play bad rookies", if anything I blame our scouts for mishandling the Jennings situation from the get go. Regardless, Hill is a bust as of now and his numbers arent even worthy of this conversation developing into something more than just an overnight buzz.
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