Alright, I'm going insane with this, but who knows it just might work.

1. Sign LeBron James to a max contract
2. Sign Chris Bosh to a near-max contract
3. Trade Eddy Curry, Wilson Chandler, and Toney Douglas to the Hornets for Emeka Okafor and Darren Collison (pipe dream, yeah). It's a pipe dream but I think the Hornets might actually seriously consider this one since first of all they still have CP3 so they could part with Collison and second of all Emeka Okafor's contract is gigantic and there are few teams in the NBA that would assume his contract, so..

PG - Collison
SG - LeBron James (I'm convinced he can play SG).
SF - Danilo Gallinari
PF - Chris Bosh
C - Emeka Okafor