Excuse-me, excuse-me, excuse-me to all Fantasy Game members this is the "REAL World".

The Cavs had a 66 win season in 2008-9
And the Cavs record in 2009-10 is at 55-15 with 12 games left.
Wake-up Knick-Fans....Lebron Goal is to win a title for the Cavs.

Knick Owner Dolan owns a big powerful newspaper called "News Day" in New York City. Whom the top-3 New York newspapers have to get the majority of their sports news about the Knicks & Rangers from the News Day sports writers.
So the majority of Knicks & Rangers "RUMORS" are from their owners news papers. HELLOW!

The Cavs weakest position the last two season has been at the SG position (Wally, Pavolic, and West did not step-up to the plate in any of the games in the Cavs vs Magic series).
So the Cavs having SG-Joe Johnson who offer so much help to the PG & SF position on both sides of the court would be the final piece the Cleveland Cavs would need to win a Title this 2009-10 season.
Lebron will have to play SG the majority of his playingtime throughout the playoffs with Jamison & Hickson as the SF/PF, and Varajao at C/F, depending on the health and shape of how many straight minutes can Shaq & Big Z body take throughout each series.

Do Lebron want Bosh in Cleveland with Varagao, Jamison, and Hickson? Hell No! maybe before Jamison arrived.
Do Lebron want Cleveland to go out and find away to sign FA Joe Johnson to win a couple of titles the next 4 seasons? HELL Yeah!
I wonder who tossed in the word "Knicks" into a conversation of Lebron speaking on having a Joe Johnson caliber SG on the Cavs to be complete.