yet another game and no thread; as the season progresses towards it's inevitable losing season conclusion, KO members have lost their gumption, as Knicks management have lost their will to win. As D'assholio wades thru to another 50-loss season, these last few games have given us a good look at the future, that being TONEY DOUGLAS, the MAN!

How long has it been since a Knick has taken over a game in the 4th quarter, to single-handedly win a game by sheer effort? Crawful? Starbaby? I can't remember, but tonite was a special win thanks to T. Kirk Douglas willing his way to victory.

Seeing DuNone on the court was not pleasant, he seemed to be back to his old tricks, missing shots, not taking open shots, etc., however, his +/- was +15(!), much higher than any Knick! seems Capt K'angaroo's pet is a good luck charm!

Al Brickington had his moments, tho he seemed to be going 1 on 4 much of the time. I'd rather see him drive than brick. his 'bounding was needed in DLEE's absence. No 3's for Al the Brick?

A good night for the horse****, constantly driving, taking good open shots, and getting to the free throw line. bellissimo! (no homo)

JR Gooden Plenty seems to have an aggressive streak, I liked seeing his hustle along with Billy the sky Walker. the two of them have more than made up for N8's loss. I would not mind seeing both of them in Knick uniforms next year.

All in all, a good game. Dalembartsimpson was invisible, and Elton John had a good start but disappeared. for some reason, the Knicks D came together tonite. I believe the hustle of TONE DEE, JR, Billy Sky, Gallo and Al made it happen.

McGrody needs a rest...