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    Originally Posted by KnicksWillRiseAgain
    Look, Deffense is the easiest thing in basketball. You learn Deffense in Middle school. All it is is exactly what you had said

    Stay in your Zone
    Put your hands up
    Contest the Shot
    Stay in front of your man

    David Lee can easily improve his D in the off season. Not to mention David Lee isnt a Center. Hes a Power Forward.
    Reading each of your posts in this thread is extremely irritating and painful for me.

    Since when can you teach size in middle school? Part of the NBA defensive game is SIZE, which D-Lee has NONE OF at the Center position (Not to mention...he IS A CENTER on this team...). Strike One against him as a defender.

    Since when can you teach athleticism in middle school? If you want to be an elite NBA defender (ex. Josh Smith), or even a DECENT NBA Defender (ex. Trevor Ariza) then you have to be able to not only jump out of the freakin gym, but also have speed, agility and lateral quickness to stay in front of opposing players, or contest shots. Strike Two.

    You may be able to teach the 2-3 zone to a bunch of 7th graders, but you can't teach a player how to put himself in the right place defensively in a game situation, and David Lee has proven that. Strike 3.

    Since when is defense the easiest thing to learn in basketball? Who made you the NBA scout here...because last I checked, only the elite defensive players can control a game defensively, and only the elite defensive teams win championships in this era of basketball. Obviously it isn't the easiest thing to learn, and learn well, seeing as only the very best can play defense the right way. David Lee is NOT an elite player (top 20), and will never be a force defensively.
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    Lee is a double double guy night in and night out that plays out of position. You can pay Lee 10 mill a year for four or five years and he'd likely be happy with that. Or you can pay Bosh 18-20 Mill a year to do the same thing.

    Personally I'd sign Lee and try to get a single free agent (LeBron, Kobe, Wade or Joe Johnson).

    Gallinari is an anomaly. He clearly has the ability to score 28 points in a game but he is completely inconsistent. If Gallo could score like this game in and game out, the dynamics would change. We wouldn't be talking about getting a free agent to get us into the playoffs, we'd be talking about championship runs. That's really how important Galinari's success really is to the Knicks.

    Think about a consistent Gallo, a healthy Tmac, Lee being Lee and a free agent of your picking. We'd be were the Magic are now in terms of wins and respect.

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    David Lee is a hard worker. If he could have improved his defense so easily as some of you say, then he would've done so years ago.

    Simply put he's playing out of position (fail) and even at the 4 he's just not a great defender, period.

    Now if we got a legit center and played David Lee at the 4, we might be able to get away with it...

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    I would be sad to see him anywhere else.He's our homegrown player and has never even been to the Playoffs.I really want to see him be with this team when we get things rolling.I rather pay less for Lee and not get Bosh, then spend a max on Bosh and not get Lee.It just wouldn't seem right.While other teams would HAVE to throw a max contract at Bosh, we got someone who won't ask for that much.He might ask for more now, but I'd give him a little more than giving it all to a guy who right now is on a team battling for even the eighth spot.He's just not that good.Only teams who need someone like him should be willing to pay that.
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    No matter what anyone write or feel....the Knick Organization would be a "FOOL" if David Lee is not in a Knick jersey next season.
    David Lee could put up a consistent team-winning performance alongside (or tandem) with another BIGMAN in the paint doing the samething he does.
    Lee & Bosh, Lee & Amare, Lee & Boozer, even Lee & Frye could put up nice numbers.

    Only a fool would believe Harrington, Chandler, and Gallo are a NBA BIGMAN (center or PF) in the paint. They are SF!!!! plus theyre to weak to bumb-bodies game after game to average 8 to 12 rebounds per game in a season.
    This is why "6.10 Jordan Hill" was the best selective player for the Knicks at the 8th slot.
    And why we Knick-Fans shouldve seen a 18 to 24 mpg rookie Jordan Hill for 82 games this season in a Knick uniform.

    Lee weakness is not DEFENSE....the best defense is "team-defense" where five-players cover for each other defensively using any means neccessary at stopping oponents from scoring.
    Lee has the ability to switch positions (3) on the court (ala Odom) on offense or defense. So Lee's hustle as a switching defender in the paint is valuable.

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