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If Douglas doesn't get significantly better this off-season then I can't imagine him being the starting PG. He has zero court awareness and sometimes forgets who the shooters on the court are. His shovel passes drive me crazy and he constantly gives the ball up too soon during a possession. I've said this before but his main strength is to score and that's it. We can try to mold him into a starting PG but I don't think it will ever be to the point where he is legit.

Gallo. I swear this dude can frustrate the hell out of you sometimes. One day he understands what to do to be successful and the next he's back to being clueless again (you cannot blame that on an old back injury). He just decided to spot up on the 3pt line all night and showed very little effort. You can pin that on Gallo himself first and foremost. Second, Douglas gets a lil blame for not creating for him. Lastly, the coaching staff doesn't seem to communicate much to him during timeouts. As much as I think Harrington is a ballhog, the dude is very aggressive and constantly puts pressure on the defense. Gallo could at least pick some of that up.

Just to be clear, I like both TD and Gallo and want to see them improve. They just need to put in alot of work this off-season.
+1 agreed, alot of work.