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    Default MSG's Official Free Agent Stock/Info Thread

    Who's stock is on the rise and who's stock is on the decline?

    I believe its well known that I dont like Lebronze but he is the best free agent available and his stock has pretty much maxed out, so its not worth the time to talk about him. Dwayne Wade is also a max contract player and thats not really up for debate...and this aint just my point of view, most would agree with this.

    First we got........AMARE STOUDAMIRE

    His recent comments hurt his chances of playing for us, but he has been a beast lately.

    Amare is now averaging about 23 points a game, 9 rebounds, and 1 block

    In the month of March, he's averaging 28.8pts and 10.3 rebounds...those type of numbers will get him a max contract.

    But is he worth it?

    No, at least not to me. He doesnt change the game on both ends of the court. Just like David Lee, he will need a center that can provide a defensive presence playing alongside him.

    His 44 points against a tough, physical Utah Jazz team did impress me alot though. He's shown alot of aggressiveness lately on offense, dunkin on other players left and right. He's lookin the best hes looked (pause) since before the micro-fracture surgery.

    Amare is currently 27 years old and does not turn 28 until the middle of November.

    Stoudamire's stock is on the rise

    Next we got..............CHRIS BOSH

    and hopefully we don't sign Bosh. I will hang myself by my balls if we sign him to a max contract.

    Bosh is averaging 23.8 points and 10.9 rebounds a game, better numbers then Amare Stoudamire.

    Whats sad is that his team is making a push for the playoffs, but in the month of March Bosh's numbers are noticeably below his season averages: 20.9 points, 9 rebounds, .6 blocks, and his shooting percentage is only 46.7%

    At 6'10, 230 pounds hes not one of the stronger power forwards in the league. He does a good job of gettin up and down the court. Hes got a nice jumpshot, and while hes nowhere near Amare's level in the low post, hes still capable of scoring some points with his back to the basket. I do believe that Amare has more potential to improve his defense then Bosh does.

    Although Bosh has the better numbers on the season, I like Amare's game more and I like the fact that hes playing really good right now, when it counts. His team is battling to move up in the playoff standings while Bosh's team is battling to make the playoffs which brings me to my next point, a power forward who deserves a max contract should be able to bring a team with a somewhat decent supporting cast comfortably into the playoffs. Bosh, who just recently turned 26, is not a game changer on defense. Donnie Walsh, please don't sign him.

    Bosh's Stock has dropped

    Next up.....JOE JOHNSON

    One of my favorite players, but i cant say he's a first tier player. There have been alotta comparisons between Joe "Cool" and Brandon Roy recently. I personally believe Roy is a little better, even though Im not really a fan of his. I consider Roy to be a bottom of the top tier star, where as Joe Johnson is at the top of the 2nd tier. He's currently making 15million, and Joe is 28 years old. He's got a very smooth game and hes hit some big shots for his team. Hes not far from averaging 20, 5, and 5...I think he would be a great shooting guard for our team if the price is right.

    Johnson's stock has been consistent

    RUDY GAY (no homo)

    While I'm not particularly a fan of his last name, his game does more then speak for itself. And at age 23, he is very impressive for his age and still has upside unlike everyone I mentioned to this point.

    Gay is...not actually gay, at least I dont think but um..hes a good scorer with good shooting percentages. What more can you ask for after having Jamal Crawford as our shooting guard all those years? While hes still a poor defender, Crawford is shooting the best hes shot in his career because hes finally on a real basketball team that he fits in with.

    I watch some Memphis games and from what I have seen of Gay hes a good defender. Hes very athletic, he can block some shots and get some steals. He keeps the player on offense in front of him for the most part, hes still got some stuff to learn about reading other teams offense but I dont see that as a major flaw, especially with him only being 23.

    At 23, Gay has already shown he's good for about 20 points, 6 rebounds, and a couple of assists. What more can we ask for? I think we should make a push for him if we want to build a team that will be good for a long time.


    Another one of my favorite players, hes been playing incredible lately. Hes gotta be one of the funnest players to watch in the league, but unfortunately he will be 33 in July. I dont like Jay-Z but its on to the next one...


    Boozer is a physical player that can post up and while he's not a shot blocker, he can still provide more of a defensive presence then Amare and Bosh, particularly in the low post. Boozer will be 29 in November, but I do think that he still has 5 to 6 good years ahead of him because of the way he plays. If Walsh is thinking about signing Lee and Boozer will sign for not a whole lot more, then it might make more sense to just go ahead and sign Boozer.

    While Boozer is not averaging as many points (19.5) as Amare or Bosh, he is clearly a better rebounder (11.2) then both of them and a tougher player in the paint.


    David Lee
    Ray Allen
    Kyle Korver
    Marcus Camby
    Etan Thomas
    Allen Iverson
    Tracy McGrady
    Ike Diogu
    Jermaine O'neil
    Marcus Williams
    Jamal Tinsley
    Drew Gooden
    Travis Outlaw
    Brendan Haywood
    Hakim Warrick
    Brad Miller
    Acie Law

    I know I missed some names, but if Lebron doesnt sign with us...its not the end of the world. Once again, i dont like him and I wouldnt care if he chose to re-sign with Cleveland, but if he did sign with us you wouldnt see me complaining.

    Theres alotta talent available....from star players to good role players. I believe in Walsh if he goes off his own other words, Im hoping he doesnt listen to Antoni's opinions. Walsh built some good teams in Indiana, the team that was involved in the brawl with the Pistons had alotta potential. Had that brawl never happened, who knows what that Pacers team would have gone on to do....

    I believe Walsh will use creativity this offseason assuming we dont sign Lebron, but hopefullly leave some capspace for after next year as well once Currys contract expires.

    I think no matter how you break it down....the future is looking bright for us. Our team plays in New York, Donnie has cleared up alotta money and hes proven he can build good teams in the past.

    I just made this thread because I was bored, these are just my opinions and everybody is welcome to comment

    New York, WE GOT THIS!!
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    We should just get Brandon Haywood, Marcus Camby, resign Lee and get a max free agent....playoffs.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    Originally Posted by Paul1355
    We should just get Brandon Haywood, Marcus Camby, resign Lee and get a max free agent....playoffs.

    im so with those moves, but i think if we get a max this year we'd be overpaying an aging joe johnson or boozer, and probably(after camby/haywood/lee) wouldnt have money for a max next year.

    instead id get rudy gay...he has mad potential and could even slide into the 2 for us bc he def has a nice jumper, i see him developing into a scottie pippen type without all the point forward ability. trade chandler(only because his stock is pretty high imo, and we have gallo/walker) for someone cheap with potential. sign a max next year when curry is gone. im hoping for melo...
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