Cleveland vs Toronto

Orlando vs Charlotte

Atlanta vs Miami

Boston vs Miwaukee

Aside from rooting against the Cavaliers, this will probably be the most uninteresting first round of Eastern Conference matchups that I will be watching.The NBA in general has featured many unwatchable games this season.I don't know what the national television ratings are for ESPN and TNT whenever they show NBA games, but I don't see these networks benefiting when 10 of the 16 teams making the playoffs this season come from small market cities.

Just a few years ago, the NBA had the lowest rated finals of their entire history.As competitive as these players are, do people really care about watching Kevin Durant and Lebron James carry their teams to the NBA finals this season? Is David Stern going gaga over a potential first round match up between Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder and Carmelo Anthony's Denver Nuggets? I know the NBA is a star driven league and many people have the tendency to root for individual players over the NBA teams that they play for, but I cannot see the casual basketball fan looking forward to 8 weeks of mostly mediocre match ups.