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I missed the game but..........meeboy David Lee took no hostages inside GS, recording 37 points, 20 rebounds, and 10 assists.
Damn! a helluva tripple-double (for the 5 year double-double player).
These have to be the last daze of David Lee in a Knick uniform, b/c he been "Showcase-ing" all his overall-talents the last 20 games for the 2010 FA market.

Note: This week the Houston Rockets gave the Knicks 8th draft pick Jordan Hill 20 minutes of playingtime vs the Boston Celtics, and Hill's 9 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 blockshots help the Houston Rockets have the edge to beat the Boston Celtics.
The Knicks garbage is turning into the Rockets treasure.
Who? who? who? said Jordan Hill was a BUST???
Check my thread on the triple-double Kiya. I was out with my bro and almost had them turn the Knicks game on, but doing that here in the CHI brings the haters out in force, even though the BULLS stink as well. So I am sorry I missed it... Plus I get disgusted at the way the KNICKS playball. I watched the 4th quarter of a game last week where we were tied and blew it.

As for Hill, are you surprised??? Who was the last good player the KNICKS actually recognized could ball and actually kept???? Hill could have been our answer at Center, but D'ant is to busy give minutes to his Godson so he can heave up 30 foot bricks to notice. Add Hill to the list of that David Lee will joining soon (Crawford, Zach, Ariza, Frye) of young ballers who the KNICKS are too DUMB to keep and develop.