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    Originally Posted by LJ4ptplay
    I don't get you guys sometimes. You claim Gallo is a bust, yet he almost has a triple-double himslelf (29pts, 8rebs, 8assts).

    You hate him because you say he's a bust and because he was drafted 6th and we could have taken other players that filled more pressing needs.

    Yet Hill is great even though he was drafted 8th and comes off the bench with inconsistent minutes and stats and we could have drafted Brandon Jennings (a more pressing need and better player).

    Yet you claim your hatred for Gallo and calling him a bust has nothing to do with your hatred for D'Antoni.......BULLSH*T!!!!

    WTF?!? I think it's quite obvious as to why you think Gallo is a bust and hate him. And this proves it. You hate D'Antoni, so therefore Gallo is a bust. You root for Gallo to be a bust because you hate D'antoni.

    That's f*cking lame. Just admit the truth. And for your information, Gallo was Donnie's pick, not D'Antoni's. So there, you can like Gallo now. It's ok.
    First off, we all have our own reasons for not wanting Gallo on this team. Secondly, why can you not take our words, on this matter, at face value? What would be our reasons to lie?

    I, for one, do not like Gallo, as a pick or a person, for 3 reasons: #1: his family connection to new-comer D'Antoni and the impact that this nepotistic selection had on MY team's short and long term future, #2: Gallo's prima donna threat to go back to Italy, if not drafted by the Knicks, #3: The on-going, over-the-top hype surrounding this guy, in spite of his mediocrity and extreme level of inconsistency.

    The reason I have no problem with Hill relates to him having the humility to not demand a selection of any sort and accept whatever opportunity presented itself. If he turns out to be a bad pick, it was Walsh's fault, not his. He is not related to D'Antoni, he has not been hyped, and lied, up. I respect all players, as long as they work hard and stay humble.

    Gallo's attitude, along with the weird coincidence, involving who our coach is and who our "future" is, makes me dislike him most of all.

    The fact that we missed out on a player that would have been our greatest center, since Ewing, was just salt on the wounds. If not for the pervasive corruption, as it relates to Gallo, I would have been cheering for Gallo, regardless of his performance.

    And don't talk to me about Jennings, Hill did not conduct himself like Gallo, i.e., create a situation where he would have been picked over Jordan. Moreover, I am talking about missing out on a center, which is what we have needed for 10 years. It's funny that only the guys who know Gallo is a turd seem to be the only ones that understand the pressing need for the Knicks to acquire a center.

    Lastly, I would like to know why you think that one game, against a team that plays no defense: G-State, makes Gallo an all-star. In fact, as you mull that over, think on the fact that Duhon set the Knick record for assists against this team. While you're at that, consider that Gallo scored 9 points, in both of his last two games. Enough said.
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