You have the right to your opinion, but the only one acting with audacity is you. You are telling people what it is they think, based on a complex set of conspiratorial beliefs that you have associated with their thinking. You refuse to take their opinions at face-value.

What is an especially strange part of your thinking is that you assign the same thinking to multiple individuals, as if we formed our opinions together, in a manner free of independent thought.

To address your other points, I do not "hate" Gallo, D'Antoni or Walsh. Rather, I disapprove of their involvement and, or, actions, within the organization. I would like them off of the team, because, like Isiah, they do not respect the team's history or our current needs. We have a coach that does not stress D, a GM that, in his own words, does not believe in "filling a need," and a prima donna player, being hyped up to a sickening degree.

Moreover, I respect the team's history and believe that Ewing needs to be a part of our history. I also feel that, in the same vein, when guys like Landry and Roberson have been given opportunities to play on the team, Ewing, Jr., based on his play and his father's legacy, should have gotten an opportunity.

As Jim and ABCD have already stated, the Gallo, D'Antoni connection cannot be dismissed. It is not difficult for D'Antoni to deny any involvement in Gallo's acquisition. It is gullible of you to regurgitate the organization talking points with such conviction.

And I have stated that Gallo was a bust, even before his NBA career started, based on the fact that a great center: Brook Lopez, was passed over for him. As time has passed, other players have proven to be better draft selections. This is not my opinion, this is a fact.

My evaluation on his future was, and is, based on his lack of speed, jumping ability, strength, post-up, foot-speed/agility and athleticism. He is deficient in too many areas: he is too weak and slow, in addition to lacking dexterity, to play well in the post, he cannot handle the ball (because of this) in a way that would allow him to take people off the dribble. He lacks the foot-speed to guard the three or two. He cannot play the four or five, because of lack of strength. He is a liability on both ends.

These are real reasons, not merely some sort of reaction to hate for D'Antoni. I hope this answers your questions and allows you to see that those that disagree with you have genuine reasons for doing so. I'll leave you now, so that you may wallow in your blind love for a few new-jacks to the Knicks.

Everyone else: remember, the Knicks are not Gallo, D'Antoni and Walsh. Those guys just got here. The Knicks were around, for decades prior to their arrival, and they will be around far after their departure.