I don't know if we already have a David Lee appreciation thread or not, but David Lee had a triple-double last night in a losing effort for our KNICKS: 35 points, 20 boards, and 10 assists.

Allow me two put this into historical perspective for you: David Lee's triple-double last night is the first by a KNICK in 7 YEARS. To put that 35-20-10 number into perspective, David Lee is the first player to put up that stat-line since ABA-NBA merger in 1976. I was six years old in 76' and most of you cats weren't even a gleam in your daddies' eye yet. The last players to accomplish such a feat were named Kareem and McGinnis. Look them up for those of you that ain't knowin because their names are on the 50 greatest list.

Metrosexual (in his one good post out of a million) once stated "performance over potential." So for all of you guys that think I'm "racist" because I hate on GALLO, it's you guys jocking the WRONG white boy. David Lee is a good ole' white boy from the SHOW-ME STATE (ST. Louis) puttin' in work in the BIG APPLE, and you guys can't wait to trade him. The last Knicks game I watched with HUBIE commentating, HUBIE gushed over David Lee's effort and performance and said: "I am so happy for this young man." David Lee built his game the right way, from the inside out. This is a RARE triple double by a CENTER who can also pass the ball. David Lee is proof positive that undersized guys can play big and you don't need to go halfway across the world to find whiteboys that can ball, there are plenty of those here in the cradle of hoops, the good ole midwest heartland of the USA.