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Great game by Lee. He put up monster numbers although in a losing effort. Here comes the part where people will think I'm hating, but I'm just merely making an observation.

For all of Lee's "double-doubles" and near triple doubles, he rarely ever has an impact on the outcome of the game. Lee's production isn't what you would call IMPACT POINTS. He gets his numbers during the course of the game but they rarely happen to suppress a run or create a momentum change.

Lee is a work horse (on offense) and earns every one of his points and rebounds BUT he would never be called upon to finish a game. It just wouldn't work because although he averages 20 pts, he's not a go to player. On any other good team Lee is just a valuable role player. Why? Because a team won't be successful with Lee as your main guy.

For example, I think Gooden is just as good as Lee. Gooden may not be a better rebounder but he makes that up with better defensive presence. Still, Gooden has bounced around the league because he's just a good role player. It doesn't matter what team Lee plays for next season, he WILL NOT get the same amount of shot attempts and freedom like in NY. Most teams already have their core players, but if they don't, I don't believe teams will be willing to spend a ton of money on Lee to make him one.

I'm sorry but I'm getting real tired of the announcers force feeding viewers how many "double doubles" Lee has before, during and after games. The team usually loses so who gives a f***! Lee's individual stats are always the talking points as if they contribute to a winning record. I'm just tired of it. The triple double was a valid talking point but continuing to talk up his stats when they don't result in team wins is meaningless.

Everyone who knows basketball can see that Lee is overachieving right now. He's not the type of player you give the keys to but because of the lack of talent, he gets that role. It would never result in a winning season even with better players. (I'm talking with him remaining as THE GUY)

Just to be clear to all the Lee lovers; I like Lee and think he's a very good player. Unfortunately he's just a role player and if you try to get more out of him your team will suffer since he will rarely lead you to wins.

With that said, I'd be very reluctant to give him 10 mil a year. Sure he made the all-star team but he really wasn't supposed to be there.
And I'm the HATER??????