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I thought we had 31 million to burn during the off-season.... We spend 10 off that on David Lee(hopefully he would give us the hometown NY discount), acquire a real-knockdown shooter(instead of the fake one we have now) that handle the ball a bit, mix-in center that can board and play defense to help out D. Lee and we still have money to bring Melo home in 2011 since E-City will be off the books by then. As you said, Gallo comes cheap, so I'll take him as a 5th option or first off the bench as a super-sub. Make him EARN his pt instead of playing favorites. Be ready for something like this because Walsh already stated he would rather pay D. Lee instead of overpay Bosh and Melo wants out of Denver for his big payday because Denver is a cowtown and NY is his home. I am not the resident cap guy or fantasy trade man, but I do know double-double guys don't grow on trees in the NBA, are hard to replace, and are usually the cornerstones of successful teams.
Since when did Melo say he was unhappy in Denver? Last I checked he just said anyone would love to play in NYC....That doesn't necessarily mean he is unhappy in Denver..How could anyone be unhappy sitting atop the Western Conference on a deep team with elite talent. Walsh took us out of the 2011 max contract mix when he gave up Jeffries' expiring contract at the deadline. Walsh is ALL IN FOR 2010. That has been established, and backed up by his front office moves this season and the last. Although you make a good case for a solid playoff team, all indications point toward Walsh going a different direction. We're going after 2 max contracts, and sadly David Lee will likely be the odd man out. We will most likely renounce his bird rights, seeing as Walsh hasn't been afraid to take risks for cap space (shown with his willingness to give up draft picks for T-Mac's expiring money).This team has been sculptured now to bring in 2 max players with the young pieces of Douglas, Chandler and Gallo. Lee just happens to be in a difficult position where our front office will probably look the other way.