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Gallo must like 3rd quarters.... Hey I'm big enough to give credit where credit is due. Gallo in the 3rd made a living at the line and posting up the smaller Ray Allen. That's all I have been trying to say all along..... Instead of camping out flinging up threes, use your size and touch to get higher % shots and get to the free throw line. Gallo did that tonight. But that last shot?????? Lucky the BANK was open, albeit we got robbed at home when they took a point off the board.... Play was too close to call. Barron played like an animal and workmanlike performance by David Lee considering the Celts devoted their entire front line to stop him, leaving Gallo to match-up on smaller guards. Great way to hang on at home.... and if having no bulletin board material thread helped up win this one, skip the game threads for here on out.
Thank you, Jim, for at least giving credit where credit is due...I feel like some people want so badly to be right they can't even give credit to a player they don't like.

Gallo had nice numbers yesterday, instead of sitting here bashing him saying "He's a one-time wonder" why can't we at least put a positive spin on it, "He played well yesterday but he has to do it on a more consistent basis." I am not a big fan of Nate, never really was, but when he had good games, I said the former, not the latter.

People need to stop wanting to be right so badly they will do anything to detract from anything positive. If you think it's a one-time deal, then fine. But at least give the guy credit for a nice game yesterday...