Ahh, another 50 loss season, thanks Mike No-D! how I admire your 8-man rotation, no defensive scheme, love of Duhound, not fouling when up by 3 with seconds left in the game, your poor communication skills with Marbury, N8, Hughes, etc., and especially your holier-than-thou, not-my-fault-we're-losing attitude and your stoic band of yes men. you are one of the worst Knick coaches I have ever seen, I dread watching and listening to you. Do you really think winning is all about the SSOL, and NOT defense? Why are you NOT starting Douglas at the end of the season? c'mon, what is up with Duhon?? what have you got to lose? face? you've lost enough potato face already, you mustachio moron! I hate you! How unfortunate that Donnie will keep you around, so you can have your 2 new max agents go wild with no offensive or defensive game plan. prove me wrong, D'assholio, and I will eat my words. Your substitutions suck ass, you don't belong in New York City! you and D'an D'an can go eat a big ****. oh, yeah, you already did. 50 losses and counting!!! wooo-weee!! way to go, D'amntoni!

ps: sorry for the offensive language folks!