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    Default Cap Could Be Higher than 54 mil

    2010-11 Cap Could Be Higher Than $54 Million

    Multiple team executives told that they have raised their estimate of the 2010-2011 salary cap to $53 million, and several are optimistic that the figure will exceed $54 million.

    Ken Berger reports that when the July free-agent sweepstakes get underway, Donnie Walsh will be looking for a shot-blocking center and more physical, defensive-minded big men. Walsh may also go shopping for a point guard, unless the Knicks are able to sign a prime scorer who can initiate the offense.

    Berger mentions an example of a sign-and-trade of David Lee to the Blazers in exchange for Andre Miller and/or Joel Pryzbilla.$54_million/

    This would be HUGE.....HUGE. More cap space, wouldn't have to buy out Curry for two max's (which means we could trade him to get another very good player).

    Also allows us to retain Lee's Bird Rights and retain the MLE, if we choose. Which could let us have two max free agents (one in sign-and-trade of Lee) and use the MLE to get another very good player.

    This is potentially very, very good news.

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    here's the full article referenced, by Berger

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    good read.

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    Indeed huge. So, hypothetically....

    pg Serg/Duhound (lol, never gets old)
    sg Morrows/Douglas
    sf Lebron/Chandler
    pf Bosh
    c Okefor
    6th Gallo

    My favorite:

    pg Serg/Duhound
    sg Morrows/Douglas
    sf Gallo
    pf Lebron
    c Bosh
    6th Chandler

    Then pimp ourselves out into a stud guard (or more superior C situation)...picks + Curry + Chandler + Douglas = sick expendable assets and options.

    If Lebron has a 24/7 erection for cattle and women dressed in moose-fur he will stay. If not, he will come to the mecca and become Tiger Woods but actually appealing and playing a legit sport.

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    Gargantuan news. Good article too. Maintaining MLE is fantastic for the opportunity of filling the roster with a legit player rather than sucking up the D League and 2nd round.

    I'm so interested to know what kind of pitches Donnie has organised for each marquee player. Might have to have parts of his tongue removed again from licking too much FA anus.

    Also, I'm so friggin' sick of hearing about Joe Johnson. Dude's not even the best player on his team IMO. Seriously, **** paying this guy heaps of cash. Let the Hawks keep salivating over him and get someone younger.

    J.J. doesn't give a rat's ass who coaches this team. Why wouldn't he love Mike Woodson? Every fourth quarter is Iso-Joe time. No matter how much solo pounding he does, he never is critiqued, criticized or cursed. He's on the right side of the double standard. Joe does deliver and he is a willing passer, but come playoff time, when defenses zero in (career .443 FG%; playoffs it's .413 as a Hawk) trouble is coming. And he knows he's getting max money [or close to it] from Atlanta if someone so much as bats their eyebrows lovingly."

    Read more: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Wait, how did it go from possibly going lower to higher?haha

    I didn't read the article yet, but awesome.

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    Originally Posted by LJ4ptplay
    wouldn't have to buy out Curry

    we ain't buying out curry... he wants his full 11m bucks...

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    Originally Posted by paris401
    we ain't buying out curry... he wants his full 11m bucks...
    That gets me thinking. After he steals his $11m, what else would he do? What team on Earth would foot his room-service?

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    Stern may do this to help the Knicks. Remember, the NBA will always do better when all the marquee city teams are competitive. Advertising, television and clothing income will automatically increase.

    Don't forget, he got us Patrick Chewing in '85
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