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Gallinari is playing like many people expected he would. He's a very good shooter, with potential for greatness in this area. He also battles on defense more than people realize and he's still just 21 years old. Will he be like Dirk one day? Probably not. But compare the two at 21 years of age: Dirk averaged 17.5 ppg, made 37.9 percent of his 3s and added 6.5 rebounds per game. Gallo is at 15 ppg, 38 percent shooting on 3s and 4.9 rpg. "Dirk lite" would be a great sidekick next to any superstar in Gotham.
Where are the people who said it was totally ridiculous, absurd, wrong, improper, incorrect, ludicrous to compare Dirk to Gallo? Maybe it's not the most perfect comparison, but it does serve at least good enough purpose to have an ESPN writer say exactly what some people on this board have been saying for weeks.