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Originally Posted by Kiyaman

P.S. When the Knicks first came up with the idea of a 2010 FA Plan.....
my thoughts were if any Super-Star leave the team that drafted them in 2010 FA it would be on a "sign and trade" deal. Why?

A Super-Star player do not need the bad publicity that will come from his former team if the organization got nada at the FA departure.
Agents and Endorsement companies (Nike) would not promote such a departure.
Which makes Donnie Walsh 2010 Plan a Joke (my bad Walsh has David Lee Agent on the same-page, since he did'nt trade him for the 2008 5th pick LOL).

Jesus H. Mother-f'ing Christ.


Why? Because teams realized they got pennies on the dollar (see: a conditional 2nd rounder for Rashard Lewis) to help a guy get paid more. The reason sign and trades exist is because of the Larry Bird Rules, the home team can pay him more, and then trade him. But teams began realizing "Wait a minute, why are we doing this guy who wants to leave us a favor?"

A super-star player doesn't need bad publicity for leaving a team as an FA and no sponsor would support it? REALLY?

Steve Nash?
Alex Rodriguez?
Mark Teixeira?
Jason Giambi?
Jason Bay?
Tracy McGrady?

Any press is good press...Endorsement people care about the bottom line: can they make dollars!!!!!! All that matters is that the player is good, to think that the endorsement company actually gives two ****s about the Cleveland Cavaliers and whether they get something back for LeBron is beyond idiotic. I refuse to believe you are really this thick...just admit you hate Walsh and everything he does and this can all be settled.<!-- / message -->