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    Other than Bosh, its better (competitively speaking) for everyone else to stay with their current teams. This team has been gutted and whoever signs here has to accept either a 1 or 2 year period of just being a middle of the pack team before any MAJOR improvement happens.

    Any big name FA who signs here will be criticized for it. It just sucks for us that the players we are targeting are already in winning situations. I truly believe Crawford will be instrumental in persuading JJ to stay put.

    I don't think the mystique of playing for the knicks is what it once was. The only NY team that has that is the Yankees.
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    Originally Posted by iSaYughh
    I think that lineup takes a giant dump on what Cleveland offers Lebron.

    It's always, "well Cleveland wins 60 games". But that's directly
    and essentially JUST because OF Lebron!

    Cleveland is a dumpster roster Bron aside (Jameson is a nice piece tho, but he's old and aging and recent -- Lebron was having the Cavs contend & rock 60 long before)

    If lebron wants Bosh vs Lee by all means...but I don't think he necessarily does.

    The lineup above rapes Clevelands and frankly any other team in the
    NBA. Only the lakers could challenge in power, but they are mad aging and injuryprone.

    If lebron wants sf vs pg it's fine too. Gallo becomes the best and
    most lethal 6th man in the game and we trade Chandler to go along with curry/picks to get an even richer deal. Or just trade him sans
    curry. Either way he's a nice, tangible asset.


    Okefor, Lee (@PF!), Morrows, Gallo, Chandler, Douglas, Walker, Serg...RAPES clevelands roster even with Jameson AND it's significantly younger
    and infinitely more primed for even greater growth. Let alone with Lebron on it.

    Maybe I'm too optimistic, but the ignominy of our recent Knicks aside, and Clevelands majesty because Lebron is there...why wouldn't he come
    to a more talented, young team in NYC?

    Unless you think Clevelands lineup going forward would be superior to the one I names, which is fine, i just don't see it by a longshot. Not in immediate power, let alone talent and longterm growth and dynasty-implications.
    I couldnt have said it better myself.
    Without LeBron, the Cavs would be the same as the 2009-2010 Knicks. if LeBron Leaves Cleveland they are royaly ****ed because who the hell wants to go to Cleveland?

    and BTW did you watch the game last night and durring the game they played an interview with Noah where they ask him if hes seen any of the sights and he says

    "Whats there to see?"

    then they suggest the Rock n' Roll hall of fame and he says

    "Nah man im just going to stay in my room. all they got here is factorys. This place is-

    and then they cut him off LMAO!

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    I'm so tired of Joe Johnson! He is an average scorer on a really competitive team.Although he is better than everyone on the roster of the Knicks, he couldn't help his team out of the lobbies of Tracy Towers.If he thinks that he is worth 16 million dollars a year, he needs to be admitted to the psych ward.I see the Knicks winning 35 games with Joe Johnson at the SG position.And I don't want to hear how Mike D'antoni will transform him into a perennial superstar under his system.His last marriage with D'antoni's system was a disaster and would not get the Knicks past the first round if he signed here.

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    Originally Posted by KNICKMATIC809
    Dont know if this was posted but here you go.....

    NBA At 2: Johnson Says He's Staying

    As the summer of 2010 and the most over-hyped free agency period in the history of free agency draws near, it seems one by one the big would-be free agents are starting to hint at their intentions. Dwayne Wade and LeBron James have all but said in so many words that they're not leaving their current teams, Chris Bosh is talking about what the Raptors need to do to keep him in town, and now Atlanta's Joe Johnson has let it be known that he has no desire to leave Atlanta. He quickly refuted recent reports that his relationship with New York Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni might sway him to head for the Big Apple this summer.

    "I think everybody made such a big deal out of it because me and D'Antoni have a great relationship from Phoenix," Johnson told WCNN in Atlanta recently. "It is nothing more than that. We just talk and like to say 'What's up?' from time to time, but it is nothing bigger than that. My main attraction is here in Atlanta so you know there is nothing to that New York thing. I don't know where everybody is speculating and coming up with all of this stuff."

    With that out of the way, the playoffs are at hand, and the Hawks have plenty to prove this year. After making steady progress under the tenure of head coach Mike Woodson, this is the year the Hawks need to take some steps towards the conference finals. Johnson is looking forward to the start of something special.

    "It is definitely going to be fun. Just trying to break things down with Jamal (Crawford), how the atmosphere is going to be and I am glad that he is getting a chance to experience this for the first time. Like I said, it is going to be exciting. It is going to be a hostile crowd and I know everybody, we all can't wait to get out there and try to start something special."

    The Milwaukee Bucks presented a bit more daunting challenge prior to Andrew Bogut's season-ending injury, but Johnson is well aware that they are still hungry and promise to give the Hawks all they can handle in the first round.

    "We definitely know that," affirmed Johnson. "I think even with Bogut going down, you can't overlook them. That still will make them a dangerous team and probably even more dangerous because of the fact that everybody knows that they have to step up and everybody's role has gotten a lot bigger. Guys are going to be very, very aggressive and trying to start the game and it is going to be a tough game. It is going to be a tough series. I can see a lot of those perimeter guys really trying to take the load."

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    great I am seeing our hopes of a successful free agency dwindling
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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