Kiya..."If u are to blind to see the Knicks management and headcoach did nothing to enhance, improve, or create an optimistic enviroment of the future to come for the Knick-team and Knick-Fans in the last two years.....your expectation as a knowledgable Knick-fan is slippin."

Great Post! Allow me to speak my mind.

1. What do these teams have in common: Steelers, Yankees, Knicks?They're historic franchises with an IDENTITY. From way back PIT has always been a smash mouth, hard-nosed, defensive team.

The Yanks have always been a top spending, home-run hitting team. Hence the Bronx Bomber moniker.Can you guess where I'm going with this?

The Knicks like mostly all sucessful eastern teams were a defensive minded, tough team.

The funny thing is... this is your identity. No matter what coach or managers brought in...

the identity was still the same. The (outside) perception was still the same. The Steelers have preached defense no matter the coach, and if a new one was hired- they made sure he was the "type" they've always coveted, or he didn't last long (but really its been 3 coaches for like 20 years...)

Same went for the Yanks... they draft reflected their identity as did their coaching choices. Whenever someone came in and tried to do things too different- he failed! They even went as far as to asses a prospective manager's ability to deal w/ the famous relentless media. THIS IS A REQUISITE and always has been.

Our Knicks (and most suc. east franchises) are a Defensive Identity team. Mike D'Antoni is not a defensive coach... Nash & Co. included.

You can mention players, systems, chemistry etc... all debateable topics w/ D'Antoni.

You can't argue that we as an Eastern Conf. team have always and will always demand defense as our IDENTITY

and coach will never be known for that. Some fans just don't get. I don't blame them though...

Kiya and Clyde and myself have already realized this mistake...

we're ahead of the curve.