Because you seem to need my attention. Now you got it.
Says the poster who creates entire threads dedicated to me and screams my name out in more posts then a girl climaxing...

Amare ALREADY discredited your poorly founded assertions. But yet you argue. We call that stuborness son. Add Corny to your profile.
Amare gave his biased opinion and nothing more. I already showed how he averages less blocks now then he did under D'ant and how they continue to be one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Stats don't lie..humans do. I have the stats on my side and you have your ignorance. Enjoy!

See I told you, can't help but embarrass yourself can you? Nash & Amare are similar to our core?
Reading is not your strong suit huh? They have a similar core to the one they had under D;ant. Notice how I was talking about the Suns then and the Suns now...pick up a book and put down the lead paint chips you snack on and you might not further embarrass yourself. Oh the attempt to embarrass me but in the process further expose yourself. You are comedic gold!

See this: "I astutely show that the Suns even under a different coach retain the similar if not same exact identity"? That was my point that you argued but yet reiterated. That's not a gotcha moment...
it's a stop wasting everyones time Trill moment.
You're a RED nosed clown. You were making an argument that a team must conform to some predefined identity and used the KNicks, Steelers and Yanks as evidence. I completely countered that assertion and now you want to pretend you were making my point? GTFOH! I already quoted 2 contradictory posts you made that show you are arguing with yourself. Allow me to step back and lets see which version of Red win out...

Your propensity for arguing is femanine and annoying.
Coming from the poster who creates threads in my honor, calls me out and cries about the Knicks every chance she gets. Keep projecting my little 1080P no less!

I would say you seem frustrated, foolish and biased towards your great white hypes (D'ant,Gal,Lee). But hey it all leads to the same conclusion right?
Boom goes the dynamite! And the race card hath been played!

I should have know that you couldn't stay on topic and debate the merits. Tell tale sign of someone who is losing a debate...they play the race card! You fail and this seals the deal. I will assume if Gallo, D'ant and Walsh were black you would be defending them...AMIRITE?