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    I can pretend....? WTF? Thanks for letting me in on your mind-set. It's another one of your weaknesses; you actually let people in on what you're doing, by attempting to accuse them of it. Good Looks! BTW... this is at least the 10th x you've tried this.
    It's clear you are pretending you didn't say something because it is written for all of us to see. a clown. I'll post it for all just to hammer home what a disingenuous D-bag you are:

    What do these teams have in common: Steelers, Yankees, Knicks?They're historic franchises with an IDENTITY. From way back PIT has always been a smash mouth, hard-nosed, defensive team.

    The Yanks have always been a top spending, home-run hitting team. Hence the Bronx Bomber moniker.Can you guess where I'm going with this?

    The Knicks like mostly all sucessful eastern teams were a defensive minded, tough team.

    The funny thing is... this is your identity. No matter what coach or managers brought in...

    the identity was still the same.
    Our Knicks (and most suc. east franchises) are a Defensive Identity team.
    You can't argue that we as an Eastern Conf. team have always and will always demand defense as our IDENTITY
    It's clear you are saying franchises and conferences or the history set decades ago defines a teams identity not the current players or system. You're a RED nosed clown...did I really have to quote **** from just a page ago? I mean honestly do you like being exposed? Are you the internet equivalent of a dirty old man, naked in a trench coat flashing his small penis at people proud as they laugh at you?

    Ignore stats... I would assume you're refering to Amare's BPG. Read slowly, a point is being made: were you not inferring D'Ant was responsible for Amare's blocks and now that he's gone- they are down by posting this?
    Read slowly: This is a spill over debate and I brought this fact up when the article you referenced was first posted. I was clear then and directed my points directly at you that they are still a weak defensive team and Aamre averages less blocks now. Who can he blame for those irrefutable facts now that D'ant is no longer the coach? Get it? Doubt it! Sad...

    No back-tracking now!Yeah... is it possible the coach they now have isn't that good of a defensive coach? Hello! And you thought you could manipulate the "argument". You can't McFly.
    Your Back to Future references are so cutting edge...why don't you make like a tree and....get out of here.

    Amare stated D'ant didn't emphasize D. YOU actually think you can refute what a player w/ experience said... wake up!
    I have posted several vidz directly showing D'ant coaching and emphasizing defense in huddles. You can go back and look them all up but one quickly for you to see:

    [youtube<object width="480" height="385">

    <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></object>[/youtube]

    Let's see what another player has to say since taking players at their word is the end all:

    I think that Mike's a realist,'' Jeffries said. "Defending, like anything else in the NBA, is a talent level. And you can't have people that are not great defenders and expect them to be great defenders. Just like you can't have people that aren't great scorers and expect them to be great scorers. He put me out there to be a defender and he puts guys out there to be scorers. He does focus on defense, but if you don't have defensive players, then you're not going to be a great defensive team.'' He added, "It's not like he tells the guys, 'Don't go out there and guard anybody, just try to score.' That's not the case at all.''
    --Jared Jeffries

    Steve Nash. Amar'e Stoudemire. Boris Diaw. David Lee. Nate Robinson. Al Harrington. So many of the heavy-hitters on D'Antoni's teams have been poor to average defenders. He also had Shawn Marion, Joe Johnson, and the aforementioned Jeffries, but asking a single (or even a couple) perimeter defenders to run a defense without help is a bit much. One bad defending apple can spoil the whole bunch, but an apple that's good at defense can't very well save the barrel now can he?
    So yes, Amare is biased because he does not want to own up to his deficiencies at the defensive end. If it was all D'ant's fault then explain why they still suck at defense....I'll wait!

    Anyone who doesn't see your poor arguing attempts and lack of admission and, while valid, your opinion is CONTRARY to ACTUAL FACT is dumb. If posters support this obvious garbage based on ego and fantasy- f*ck them too.
    I post facts and stats and you post opinions and emotional rants yet you have the nerve to accuse me of that? Didn't you just post yesterday that stats are to be ignored? You too silly!

    You are obviously hurt and mad that I embarrassed you in multiple threads and you have built this hatred and characture about me. I could give a fuk...I'm not mad. You are the one all emotional about the Knicks crying in each thread...creating threads dedicated to me and race baiting. You talk about poor arguing yet you play the race card for no reason and run from debates after being pinned down like a rape victim. Please are a clown and too stupid to see how you come across. I am argumentative... and I could give a fuk about that too. Clowns need someone to put them in their place and I happen to be that someone and you happen to be that with it.
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