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Robert Currence on Apr 21, 2010

Full Disclosure these moves are completely unsubstantiated but do come from a source inside the Knick organization. But I am curious on what you folks think.

Donnie Walsh has not given up on trying to pry Ricky Rubio from Minnesota, there is a plan to offer Bill Walker and our 2 second round picks for Rubio's draft rights.* The second move is a do over of a move that did not work at the trading deadline.* Walsh still has his man crush on Tyrus Thomas and if he can't sign him outright, he is considering a sign and trade for him.* Charlotte supposedly has some interest in Al so he might try to sign Al and trade him to Charlotte for TT Boy.* The third option *is to go get Ramon sessions to pair with TD in the back court. That one is the least believeable because it involves Sergio which would require the Knicks to make a qualifying offer and sign him first.

In an unrelated unconfirmed rumor, David Lee is higher on Walsh's list than the old boy is letting on, by pretending to be disinterested Donnie is hoping to drive down the price for Lee. It appears that Donnie has a hard as concrete ceiling of 10 mil as the highest he is willing to pay Lee.* But supposedly the interest is so high that behind Bos, Lee is his second choice.* Well what do you think. Personally with the exception of bringing Lee back at a good price I hope all of these are full of hot air.