None of the best players of all time won championships for teams no one cares about but their own city.

If magic johnson won a title with the suns, to me his name just wouldnt ring a bell the way it does with the lakers

If Jordan played for the orlando magic his whole career, I just dont feel like it would be the same a Jordan's bulls

If Larry Bird won a few titles with the seattle supersonics eh ?

or if Shaq had won a title in Orlando instead of moving to hollywood ?

even Dwayne wades title in miami, I feel like if you traded him and kobe things would seem so much different in regards to where we place him as a player.

THe only thing missing here is an NBA great winning a title in NY

LEbron set it in stone when he stated, NY has never had like the best player in the league before and he was right. but why is that ? is it because its too hard to win it all here, or just sheer bad luck.

Boston, Chicago, LA, harbored the best players ever from bird to magic, to wilt, to kareem, to shaq, to jordan, to pippen, to phil jackson, to red aerbauch, to pat riley, to kevin garnett, to paul pierce. Where is new yorks trend

I feel if Lebron similarly to MAgic Johnsons statement earlier this year

truly wants to go down in history along with that list

he has to win a title in a New york KNicks jersey

Now people will revere him regardless as one of the best ever s legend if you will if he wins a title or two in Cleveland

but really

if he won one in NY he would stand on a cloud of his own when he retires, as the best player to ever play the game.

Does any one agree or disagree ?