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    Originally Posted by Knicks4lyfe
    And there is the dodge. It has been explained thoroughly to you, you understand and it hurts to be wrong. Good day.
    But according to your logic a prophecy is fulfilled when the actions are happening right now but the actual event has not yet occurred. This is the exact same thing with my prophecy! Therefore it is fulfilled!! You should be worshipping me.

    And I have been over and over and over with you about how 1.) you are misinterpreting this prophecy (like all the others) 2.) you are taking bits of the prophecy and not the whole thing (like all the others) 3.) taking lines out of context (like all the others) and 3.) how this cannot be used as a fulfilled prophecy because the actual events have not happened and you can not say because you follow what the bible tells you to follow equals a fulfilled prophecy.

    But this is what you guys do. All the time. I am amazed, and quite amused really, that I can interpret the bible better than you, the one who claims to understnd the bible better than anyone. Just ironic and kind of funny.

    I mean really. What kind of ass backwards logic are you trying to sell here? Or do you just need to be the biggest, most gullible dumbsh*t on the plant to follow that crap.

    And you are the one dodging. You have been explained thoroughly and proven wrong without doubt. It's not drawings. You are referring to the initial drawings of Neanderthal made over 100 years ago based on the first, incomplete skulls. More skulls and skeletons have been discovered and what you see now is based on reconstruction. Scanned into a computer and based on physical structure. Tools they did not have 100 years ago. The technology and understanding is much better now than 100 years ago. And there have been multiple discoveries since then that agree with these findings. And you always seem to ignore the biological and genetic evidence too. Why? So, your monkey man is proven fact and has been shown to you. You should be admitting you are wrong now.

    Yet you have zero evidence. In fact this thread was created because you and Paul have made the false claim that humans are the only ones to display altruism. Once again, your claims without evidence are disproven with facts and evidence. That's how this works and why I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are wrong.

    Oh, by the way, where is god? How come the world is not destroyed yet? Still waiting.

    You will learn. I realize facts and evidence are not enough for you. I mean, look at what you believe. Based on zero facts and evidence, and all the irrefutable facts and evidence prove what you believe to be wrong. So that is why I will continue to remind you that God is not here and the world has not been destroyed. I will continue this for the next 10 years. That is the only way you will learn.

    And my prophecy of your life crumbling when you discover you are wrong 10 years from now will come true. I guarantee it. I am patient. I can wait 10 years for your worship. Nervous?
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