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And I will refer you here which for some apparent reason all the evolutionists on board here seem to be inconspicuosly absent.
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Because it is something you copied and pasted from a religious website. This website takes quotes out of context and completely misrepresents the facts. Essentially lying. I have shown this to you before. All of those quotes from Leakey and other famous scientists are taken out of context and misrepresent what they are saying. Do I really need to show every quote again? I did this a while ago and exposed this before.

I always find it interesting that religious people have to lie and be dishonest in order to make their opponents claims seem false. Kind of makes you wonder why they would have to do that. And what their motivation is. How ironic it is for the self proclaimed moral being telling others they are immoral, yet lying in the process.

The only argument you have is that scientists are lying and making stuff up. This is an expected claim coming from someone that takes bible quotes out of context and makes bold statements without bothering to know or research the facts.

And it is also expected from someone who has no clue about the scientific community. About how much evidence is needed and the rigorous scrutiny applied in analyzing that evidence is required for theories to be accepted.

But since the religious community is typically making claims without evidence and then running from scrutiny, they think everyone adheres to those principles.