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You can't say only Jehovah's special people can interpret the bible. That's a cop out.
Not according to scripture. All the writers of the bible were servants of God. Every person God ever backed were servants of his. Anyone with an understanding of God's word, were prophets or servants of his. Today, JW serve him unlike any faith on earth. So it should come as no surprise that they have the most sound biblical understanding on earth. Why? The theme would indicate having Jehovah's backing and therefore he allows them to understand his word as his servants. You are constituting yourself an enemy of God, so why would he help you as his enemy understand his word? You must concede and humble yourself to gain understanding. Hopefully one day soon that happens.

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Provide evidence that only Jews died in Jerusalem. Provide evidence that only Christians fled. I provided actual historical and factual information on the seige, cited with links containing contradictory facts that many jews and christians fled and their reasons for doing so. You only provided wild statements backed up by nothing. You can't just say Jews died, Christians didn't, it's history. Provide actual historical information that agrees with this theory.

In earlier threads, you said Josephus said that only Christians fled for reasons he was not aware. I searched the Antiquities and did not find it. Provide the citation so it can be verified.
Never said Josephus spoke of Christians fleeing for no reason. What I did say was that the Roman army was called off for no apparent reason according to him, during the first attempt

Historian Flavius Josephus relates: “Cestius [Gallus], aware of neither the despair of the besieged nor the feelings of the people, suddenly called off his men, abandoned hope though he had suffered no reverse, and flying in the face of all reason retired from the City.” (The Jewish War, II, 540 [xix,
7]) Why did Gallus retreat? Whatever the reason, his retreat allowed Christians to obey Jesus’ command and flee to the mountains and to safety.
8 Obedience was lifesaving. Before long the Romans moved to crush the revolt. The campaign under General Titus climaxed in a siege of Jerusalem from April to August 70 C.E. It chills one’s blood to read Josephus’ description of how the Jews suffered. Besides those killed fighting the Romans, other Jews were slaughtered by rival bands of Jews, and starvation led to cannibalism. By the time of the Roman victory, 1,100,000 Jews had died. Of the 97,000 survivors, some were promptly executed; others were enslaved. Josephus says: “Those over seventeen were put in irons and sent to hard labour in Egypt, while great numbers were presented by Titus to the provinces to perish in the theatres by the sword or by wild beasts.” Even as this sorting out took place, 11,000 prisoners starved to death.

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This is why your side fails every time. You only provide opinions. Nothing verifiable. Opinions are like *******s, everybody's got one. I don't need to hear yours anymore. Provide evidence. If you can't, then keep your mouth shut on the subject.
There is ample. You ignore it.