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JW do not travel outside of the bible for understanding of scripture. Spiritual Israel, or Israel of God is spoken of biblically and understood by the writers to mean of heavenly lore. For instance, Jesus is spoken of as being the High Priest of the Temple. If this is true then it has to have a figurative meaning for us because he rules from heaven. We could not then literally see him offer his body as a sacrifice for us. That is why I say he accomplished that feat because he is king in heaven. The Bible says the world will never behold Jesus no more. So anyone thinking they will literally see him come down on a cloud has not understood the bible as well as they believe.

And again, stop speaking so quickly and look again. There is absolutely a peaceful nation of worshipers of God. How can he be called the God of peace if his people are not at peace? But they are! No racial tensions, no warring factions. In fact, anyone saying God has not brought peace to his people is blind as a bat. It has been accomplished. JW live in what can be termed true peace. If the rest of the world lived by Jehovah's rules, they'd too be at peace. But as it so happens, only 7 million or so want to actually listen to God.

So it's no surprise you miss it.. But it is surprising that one could be that haughty while doing so.

Ahhh, I see. So god was talking about a group that would not exist for close to 2000 years and since your little sect is at peace then the prophecy must be fulfilled. SO everything revolves around JW, it's peace and it's understanding, right! And you call me haughty?

I don't believe in religion that often...but when I do...I prefer JW. Stay ignorant my friends!