People, Rasheed Wallace is a great talent, however he is on the downside of his career. Watching him in the playoffs makes me question his health. He's in the same graduating class as Chris Webber. All these guys are beginning to show their aging. He hasn't been able to stay on the floor for Detroit. And they seem to be lost offensively with him in the game. He's too much of a outside shooter. I'd want to see us go after younger players like the following in sequence:

1. Stromile Swift ( neutralized Duncan in the playoffs)
2. Tyson Chandler ( defensive specimen )
3. Jonathan Bender ( offensive specimen)
4. Kwame Brown ( Duncan drone )
5. Mehmet Okur ( Gasol drone )
6. Eric Dampier ( Alonzo drone )

No Rasheed Wallace, Marcus Camby, Chris Webber, Antoine Walker and Antoine Jamerson.