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    Default A Crazy, but Interesting Scenario

    Granted Bosh signs with the Knicks straight up, what if Lee wants to go to Orlando? Word is Orlando is looking for a true PF to move Lewis to the SF and put a more conventional team out on the floor.


    What if we were to maneuver a sign and trade for Gortat and Reddick in return for Lee at 10-12 mil? We would be getting our defensive center, who isn't entirely inept offensively, and we would get a shooter/decision maker in J.J. who is a perfect cog for D'Antoni's system.

    I'm not exactly a proponent of this trade, just an interesting thought I had.

    While discussing this scenario, why are people opposed to putting LeBron at PG? Personally, I believe he has a similar skill set to Magic Johnson, and would be a perfect fit at the point for a D'Antoni team.

    We would have a team looking like:

    SG-JJ Reddick/Walker
    PF-Bosh/2nd round pick
    C- Gortat/Barron

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    That seems like it would work out for best teams. My only questions would be:

    - Is that financially possible? How do you sign Lebron + Bosh and still have enough $ to sign Lee in order to trade him to Orlando. Knicks can't sign all 3 Lebron/Bosh/Lee without getting rid of Curry first.

    - I'm not sold yet on Gortat being a difference maker at center. Yes, he stands out because he plays well as a back up center. Usually though he plays against the other team's back up center. Also he fouls a lot for someone who only plays 10-15 minutes a game. Would his numbers/minute be as impressive as a 30-35 min/game starter? I don't know...He would be worth the risk most of the time, but not to risk not getting a 2nd max FA.

    - Even if this helps the Knicks, it helps the Magic out more. If the Knicks can figure out a way to sign Lebron/Bosh, is it really that smart to help put 1 of our would be rivals over the top with a deal like this?

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