I really love that player, and I'm fed up with hearing critics against him... He's, to me, with Sprewell, the man that's leading the Knicks for the moment... Houston injured, NY won't win any game anymore!
He's a complete player, and those saying he can ONLY shoot shouldn't speak about NBA... because they prove by saing this, they know nothing about it!
It's easy to be a fan by criticising when time is hard, like now, but a real fan should encourage the whole team and not criticise... even the coach... It's to easy to blame only the coach or only one player...
We goota be honest, NY don't have a good team, but with Dice and a good pick, things can change, the most important now is to find a real group, and I saw the group against the Lakers!
I can swear all of you they did ALL a great job against the Lakers, even Chaney...
I'll go on being their first fan... hope all of you too!!!
Love them!!!!