I hate the unrealistic nature of many of the posters on this site that casually say: "I want to wait next year until Carmelo is a free agent".


Why you may ask?

1. He has a team prepared to grow and get better
The Nuggets as is have one of the best teams in the Western Conference, arguably they could have matched up well with the Lakers if they had made it past Utah. They have each player playing his natural position with a deep bench. Billups is one of the biggest clutch performers in the league, Afflalo is a deep threat and a great perimeter defender, Melo is Melo..., Kenyon Martin is the enforcer who provides veteran leadership, and Nene is the post presence and toughness in the paint. Off the bench they have J.R. Smith, who is a 6th man of the year worthy talent, and not to mention a budding young PG of the future in Ty Lawson. Denver will be set for years even with Billups on the down turn of his career. Why leave a situation that will only get better with a young, and dangerous team?

2. They can offer him the most money...so why opt out?
Simple enough. Is he willing to leave 30 million on the table? I'll tell you right now, no owner in the NBA is giving LeBron-like control of an organization to Carmelo Anthony...

3. What indication has anyone within the Knicks organization given to the media about a possible Carmelo to NYC move?
If anything, Walsh has made it perfectly clear that the plan is, and will always be 2010. It's LeBron and co. or bust people. Whoever we get this year is who Donnie intends to build upon. He would not have traded away our drafting ability for YEARS, along with a 2011 EXPIRING CONTRACT (obvious enough?) to hope that Carmelo Anthony will jump ship and come running to the Knicks....

4. What indication has Melo given that he isn't happy in Denver?
People took his comments about NY way out of context. How come when anyone else makes a comment about the bright lights of the city, people don't automatically assume they are coming when they have an opt-out clause in their contract? It's merely speculation. Melo has made no ACTUAL indication that he is even going to opt out of his current contract...

I don't mean to crush many of your dreams, but this is NOT happening.