Here are all the possibilties available for Curry's expiring; meaning, players that have either fallen out of favor with management, bare a contract which their current team cannot afford, or may be overpaid.


a) Elton Brand - 3 years 50+ million remaining- Even with trading Curry's expiring for him, his contract would eat up additional cap space.- Compensation: Evan Turner?- Should only be considered if we strike out on all fronts, or possibly if we only land one max


a) Rip Hamilton - 3 years 38 million remainingb) Ben Gordon - 4 years 47 million remaining-Compensation: Stuckey? Mid lotto pick? Future unprotected pick?-Stuckey is nice, but is it unrealistic to think Toney Douglas could become just a notch below him?- Mid lotto pick has no guarantees- Can we bank on them being terrible in 2011 that they'd have a top 3 pick to give us?

Golden State:

a) Andris Biedrins - 4 years 36 million remaining- Fills a need, athletic center who can run the floor, block shots and rebound- His contract is less than Curry's so we'd actually gain an additional 1 million in cap room depending on other considerations.b) Monta Ellis - 4 years 44 million remaining- Supposedly not an efficient player, could wreck havoc in SSOL. Is he a lockerroom cancer? Him as a 2 guard would give us a very undersized front court..-Compensation for either: Mid lotto pick? Anthony Randolph (doubtful)? Brandan Wright (was great in college, are we sure he's not a bust though?)


a) Baron Davis - 3 years 42+ million lleft- cancer? injury prone? shoot first pg. may not be great at developing our young guys.-Compensation - Mid lotto pick

New Orleans:

a) Emeka Okafor - 4 years 52+ million remaining-fills a need-Compensation - Darren Collison


a) Gilbert Arenas - 4 years 80 + million remainingCompensation: None

feel free to add some other options