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    nah forget about Carmelo Anthony. I think that was already proven on the other thread that its a long shot he'll be available next off season.

    For me, anything less than Lebron is going to be looked at as a poor off season. Maybe that's high expectations, but I don't really see what Chicago or New Jersey can offer more than New York.

    A Joe Johnson/David Lee off season should be what New Jersey is aiming for, not the Knicks.

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    Originally Posted by dave2138
    They didn't give away Jordan Hill + 2012 1st round pick to not sign a Max FA. I don't see this lineup as being a realistic scenario otherwise all the moves made in the past 2 years were useless.

    Sorry Dave I just don't share the same sense that were going to be able to convince any of the big name FA's to come and try to bring our great Knick's back to being one the top of the NBA franchise's.... just my personal opinion. I think Donnie's true intentions are in deed to sign some max guy's and bring NY back to the top of the leages best, but like I said I just don't see it playing out like that.

    PS you didn't respond to Lebron going to the Clips , haha just playing
    " It's a new era for the Knicks "

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