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Exactly. Sometimes I think this board is full of children
I don't like the Celtics, and I don't really care for Pierce, but I agree 120% with everything he said. It's the absolute truth and every real knick fan knows this.
Real Knick fans? You've advocated Reggie Miller over the Knicks AND agree with Pierce.

Congratulations! You're a quasi Knick fan.

A roster full of throw away contracts, as a result of Isiah's bumbling idiocy, and a coach that doesn't like inconsistent players that should be in the circus. What the **** kind of atmosphere do you expect in the wake of a wave of ****?

Every Knick player bar Gallo, Will and Douglas knew they were on the way out. It manifested itself in to another ****ty mess. An unfortunate but necessary evil of getting the franchise back to square one.

Go and swap jerseys