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Im not crazy about Pierce. Kiya been a 40 year hater of Boston.
But Pierce turned the Celtics (back) into a playoff team.
Pierce has been one of the 5-top deadliest players in the 4th quarter throughout his NBA career.
His athleticism/IQ/leadership made him the top player of the BIG-3.
To hate Pierce is one thing, but to not know he is one of the Top-10 players in the league alongside of Kobe & Duncan is .................
I never said he wasn't one of the best players in the league. Just saying he should keep his mouth shut about the Knicks. He was part of a losing culture in Boston for many years.

If it wasn't for a complete overhaul of his team (kind of like what Donnie is trying to do) he would still be on the worst team in the league. Remember? The Celtics were the worst team in the league 3 years ago. And everybody was calling for Doc Rivers to be fired.

Get your facts straight.