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Thread: Biggest Big 3's

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    Default Biggest Big 3's

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    I thought this was a great breakdown of how we should be looking at this FA class. Of special note here for us knicks fans is that the Real GM executive editor thinks that the bulls have a slight advantage over the Knicks. Particularly that a tandem of Noah/rose/lebron is potentially better then a Lebron/Bosh/Gallo tandem. He seems to believe that Rose will get better and bosh will decline over the next couple of years.

    The highest of the realistic potential big three's is the knicks with lebron bosh and gallo at 71.2 with the bulls tandem of lebron, noah and rose at 67.9.

    Thoughts on these potential big three's as compared to ones from the past?

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    ****.. Is it July 1st yet???

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    tell me about it... thought it's less then 4 weeks away now and all this speculation and analyzing will be done with.... and then we can start speculating and analyzing the start of next season and how it's going to go and how many ga,mes we're going to win and how deep in the playoffs we go, etc etc.

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