The knicks have no chance of getting any of the big guns this offseason. They are knee deep in salary cap and have nothing worth while to offer. The knicks have their 5 million dollar exception but must be very careful not to use it on another mediocre player. Unless, that mediocre player is very young and could turn into a stud down the line. This is why i like Okur. He is young, tall and can shoot. Which is more important than athleticism b/c when marbury drives, the defense collapses and he needs shooters to kick it out to. Crawford would be nice but he is too talented to except 5 mil a year. Camby would be nice, b/c we desparately need an intimidator in the middle. However, camby will likely stay in denver. I believe whole heartedly that the knicks will make a serious run at cwebb. I don't think he is an elite foward anymore, however in the east he is easily in the top 5. I don't know if we have what sacramento wants however, cwebb wants out, the fans don't want him and you can bet your ass that he doesn't want to be there. He would love nothing more then to be in NY. The reason i think they will get him is there will be no other suitors. His contract is maxed out for the next four years. Sacramento would dump his contract in a heartbeat if they could. The knicks are so far over the salary cap it doesn't matter. So lets make a deal. They are going to have to give them dikembe and othello (ending contracts), kurt thomas or tim thomas and one of their youngies (williams or sweetney). They probably will have to include a third team to make it worth. But I think the kings are going to feel pressure to get rid of him before the season and don't be surprised if this happens. If not the knicks are going into next season with a team that will win 45-50 games and be a 4 or 5 seed in the playoffs, which is much better than pre-isaih.