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The Knicks would be a Playoff team next season if they FIRE Dantoni....
resign Lee, add Tyson Chandler and Felton.

All this Lebron and Bosh junk need to be wash away in the deepest oily ocean along with BUM'ANTONI.
you know Kiya i dont wanna just be a playoff team i want us to play deep into May or even June. and Felton, Lee and Chandler wont stand up to the C's ( even though they are old ), i mean look what they did to the Cav's and Magic. we need a star player who could open up for others and a good 2 option that could be used as "plan B" neither Lee or Gallo can be that superstar.

personally i'd rather get Bosh or Wade over lebron all those fake knick fans cheering him when he dropped 50 on us made me not want him cause of all the fakeass fans that will come with em. rather build the anti lebron team that knocks him out the playoffs and makes his life misreable like the C's did, ahah