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    Default Is Rudy Gay that much better than...

    Wilson Chandler?

    You guys know I'm far from a Wilson fan in this forum...and I've always had a thing for Rudy since he was drafted. But looking at the production, resume, and physical attributes and how they play...I gotta take this into consideration before we start a campaign for Gay when we already have someone who plays just like him.

    Per 36 stats.

    Player A
    15.3 ppg
    5.8 rpg
    2.1 apg
    .8 spg
    .9 bpg

    Player B
    17.8 ppg
    5.6 rpg
    1.9 asp
    1.3 spg
    .8 bpg
    1.8 asp
    45% FG
    34% 3pt
    76% FT

    Can you tell the difference between Player A and Player B?

    Player B obviously has more range on his shot and can score a bit more, but than that much (only 2ppg) Other that, both players are equal. BTW

    A = Chandler
    B = Gay

    Physically Chandler is 6"8 220 and Gay is 6"9 220

    Chandler is the better post defender, and overall defender...Gay is the better prospect and has more potential and swag.

    Wilson Chandler Bio
    Offense: Capable of putting up scoring numbers, but has yet to learn how to do so efficiently early on in his career. Relies extremely heavily on his jump-shot as his main source of production, but is not very consistent from beyond the arc just yet. Very solid from mid-range on the catch and shoot, but is extremely streaky from 3-point range and struggles pulling up off the dribble. Cannot create his own shot off the dribble, possesses a quick first step, but is a poor ball-handler, particularly with his left hand, and cannot change directions on his way to the basket. Does not get to the free throw line much at all. Terrific in the open floor, and is a fantastic finisher around the basket if he has space to operate. A good fit in Mike D’Antoni’s offense for that reason, especially if he can improve his perimeter jumper. Shows potential in that regard from time to time, but shot-selection and consistency still leave a lot to be desired. Decent passer and not too turnover prone. Would be wise to develop a back to the basket game, in order to take advantage of mismatches at the SF position.

    Defense: Has phenomenal tools on this end of the floor, and is already used in a multitude of ways by Mike D’Antoni for this reason. Shows great potential as a one on one perimeter defender. Guards virtually every position from 1-4, can switch on screens with ease, and is quick enough to stay in front of almost all perimeter players. Terrific combination of wingspan and lateral quickness gives him the ability to sag off his matchup and tempt him to settle for long pull-up jumpers, being just long enough to still close out and get a hand in his face once he does. Seems to lose focus from time to time, getting out of his stance, showing poor awareness off the ball, and not always showing the same intensity. Teams like to post him up inside when presented with the opportunity to do so, and he struggles denying space in the paint and not being backed down. Could still stand to get tougher on this end of the floor, as well as add weight to his very promising frame. A good, but not great rebounder at the forward spot.

    Rudy Gay Bio
    Offense: An explosive offensive player. Gets a quarter of his offense from each of isolations, spot ups, and a blend of fast breaks and post ups. Does most of his damage with his jumper. Possesses solid form and has improved his footwork dramatically over time. Gets great elevation and has a high release point. Prone to forcing some shots over defenders, especially off the bounce. Decent three point shooter, still has room to improve his consistency though. Takes a lot of pull up jumpers, using his quickness to get inside and his leaping ability to rise above traffic. Capable catch and shoot player who can knock down shots running off of screens and with a hand in his face. Athleticism is a blessing and curse since is makes him a threat to score one-on-one, but allows him to get some shots off that he probably shouldn’t take. Can get to the rim driving in either direction and has no problem creating separation. Has improved his ball-handling since he entered the League, only augmenting his fantastic first step. On the turnover prone side, and doesn’t make his teammates better. Brings little to nothing to the table as a passer, and needs to improve his ability to find the open man when he draws additional defenders. Doesn’t get to the line at the rate his athleticism could warrant. Possesses outstanding tools, but still needs to refine his shot selection, pick and choose his spots off the dribble, take on contact, and see the floor better.

    Defense: Not a great defender considering his tools, but has his moments when he’s motivated. Has all the physical tools of a lockdown defender, but lacks the right mentality to get the job done. Able to come up with some steals thanks to his outstanding wingspan. Doesn’t block many shots, get in a consistent stance, or show much initiate when recovering or closing out. Wingspan allows him to at least contest spot up jumpers when he closes out, but he’s far from aggressive. Puts himself out of position when defending the ball, and lacks a degree of discipline when his man looks to penetrate. Rebounds the ball at a decent rate due to his athleticism. Needs to recognize that his defensive development will be integral to his success when he plays for a competitor.

    Basically all I'm saying is why invest a lot of money in Gay, we already have a Gay? no homo.

    I may just have changed my entire option on Chandler in this post...

    We can use an upgrade at SF, but Chandler is no doubt serviceable.

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    you make an interesting point and after reading this post, i starting to rethink whether Gay is worth close to the max contract at this point, yea he's good and has potential but giving him a max contract based on that is retarded. whatever happened to the old day where you get what you earn? loll.

    i would much rather use Wilson in a trade with N.O for Collinsion, if not i'd prefer to keep em i still think had he played that last stretch of the season his PPG wouldve went up to at least 16

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    I never really thought that much about it.

    But defense is key and if we get a downgrade on defense we better get a significant upgrade on offense, and Rudy Gay is NOT a significant upgrade on offense from Wilson Chandler.

    I wouldn't mind trading Chandler, but if we did we'd have to get something REALLY good out of him. I'm not high on signing Rudy Gay and I don't think Walsh is either - Walsh said that he's not going to spend money just for the sake of spending money, and the Grizzlies' owner insists he's going to match any offer for Gay, so he's definitely not worth a max, there's no doubt about that.

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    Gay is a better player than Chandler

    But Gay will cost more money than Chandler

    and for what Chandler can do for the money he will earn over his career, which based on character alone will be significantly less than Gay; I would rather keep Chandler, and put our money else where, than lose Chandler and over pay GAY.
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    i like wilson too but i just dont like his attitude.. he is too laid back for me.. he disappears in games and doesnt show much emotion.. we now have gall and chandler at the 3.. we need to get rid of chandler or gallo in order to free up time for the other if gay comes here..jj and lebron u can play at the we could keep one as a reserve... id rather jj over gay if they came for the same price.. jj can pass... and rebound ... that i like.. he one of the best passers in the league for his size...

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    I say first wait and see if we could get this Lebron James guy.. Then If we do Chandler is a goner seeing as we already have Gallo. If Chandler was alittle better ball handling and shooting we could slide him over to the 2, but he isn't. Chandler is a servicable dude and I'm sure other teams now this. I think we could get a decent C or pg for him in apackage of some sort.

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    The Knicks best two fowards on the team the last 3 seasons were PF-Lee and SF-Chandler without a doubt. No other "foward" we had on the team in the past 3 seasons came close to Lee & Chandler's versatile overall talent, even with both players playing outside of their natural position for two seasons at the center-spot and SG spot (to tank both season and keep their trade value low. "new-regime Politics").

    As for all the outside talent that perform at the positions "PF & SF", if the player dont rank in the NBA PF top-10 or SF top-10, then they dont belong in a level conversation that includes Lee or Chandler.

    Why wasnt these players allowed to play at their natural position for two seasons in a row. WHY?
    was it b/c of the 2010-Plan? BULL****!!!

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